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5 Fun & Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas

Depending on where you live, Halloween may look a little different this year. Some communities are recommend against the usual festivities. But even if you’re not hosting a big Halloween bash or taking your kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, you can still make the holiday fun and memorable!
One great way to get into the Halloween spirit is to create your own costumes as a family. To save you a few bucks, we’ve come up with 5 frugal & fun DIY costume ideas that will have you and your little ones feeling festive whether you’re Zoom-ing with friends, bobbing for apples in the backyard or just eating candy on the couch.

1. Queen (or King) of Hearts

Gather a large piece of paper, a stapler, a deck of playing cards, hole puncher, ribbon and your favorite red dress (or pants and shirt). Wrap the large piece of paper around your neck to make a collar. Staple the playing cards to the paper collar one at a time, slightly overlapping each card to create a fanned effect. Punch a hole in the cards at both ends of the collar, then attach the collar to your neck by tie a ribbon through the holes. Suit up in your snazzy red clothes and voila! You’re the queen (or king) of the ball. 

2. Bag of Jelly Beans

Gather a clear 35 gallon trash bag, a bag of multi-colored balloons and a long red ribbon. Cut 2 holes in the bottom of the trash bag large enough for your legs to fit through. Blow up enough balloons to fill the bag. Put your legs through the holes in the bag and have someone help you add the balloons. Then carefully tie the red ribbon around the top of the trash bag and your neck to keep the balloons (aka beans) inside. A sweet & simple getup for kids and adults.

3. Stick Figure

Gather a long sleeve white shirt, white pants, a white paper plate, black tape, a black marker and 2 pieces of black ribbon. Cut eye holes into the paper plate and use the marker to draw an outlined (stick-figure) face. Attach a piece of ribbon to opposite sides of the plate, so you can tie them together behind your head. Now add strips of black tape to the shirt and pants to create a stick figure outline. An easy costume that’s slimming to boot!

4. Smart Cookie

Got an old graduation cap and gown hanging around? Gather some brown construction paper and a black marker. Cut the paper into circles the size of cookies. Use the marker to color in chocolate chips on the paper cookies. Tape the cookies to your cap and gown. Now that’s a genius costume idea.

5. Virtual Job Candidate

This is our easiest and fastest costume idea – great for a last-minute celebration. Simply wear a blazer and dress shirt on the top (tie optional) along with shorts and sandals on the bottom. It might just be the perfect costume for 2020!
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