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How to Set Up Automatic Bill Payments

Automatic or recurring bill payments take the hassle out of paying bills. Plus, by putting your payments on auto-pilot, you’re less like to miss one or incur a late fee. Whether it’s paying your daycare provider each week or your car loan every month, setting up automatic payments is easy with Frontwave online banking.
This how-to assumes you’ve used our online bill pay service at least once before. If you haven’t, check out these instructions on getting started with bill pay first.

Setting Up an Automatic Bill Payment

  1. Login to your online banking profile, and click on “Bill Pay.” This will either be on the main dashboard or under the “MORE” tab.
  2. On the “Payment Center” page, scroll to the person or company you want to pay and click on “AutoPay” next to their name. In the pop-down message, click on “Set Up AutoPay.”
  3. ‚ÄčOn the next screen, fill in the recurring “Amount” you wish to pay the person or company, select the “First Delivery Date,” the “Frequency” (how often the payment should be made) and the “Duration” (how long you want to keep making payments for). If you want to receive an email when a payment is pending or sent, click the appropriate box. Then click “Start Sending Payments” to complete the process.Auto Pay
That’s it! Now you can rest easy your payments will be made on-time without having to remember to set them up manually.

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