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4 Ways to Save on Home Insurance

If you own a home, you know home insurance is a must. Not only does your mortgage loan company probably require it, protecting what you’ve worked hard for is also part of a sound financial plan.

Another part of a sound financial plan? Making sure you have the best home insurance coverage at the best possible price. Why pay more if you don’t have to? Reviewing these 4 quick tips every six months can help make sure you’re getting the best rate and coverage for your home:

1. Increase your deductible.

If you can afford to pay more in damages in the event of a claim, raising your deductible is a good way to lower your yearly payment. Then you can take the money you’re saving on your homeowner’s insurance premium and put it in a high-interest savings account to cover home damages that may occur in the future.

2. Make the right home improvements.

Certain improvements can mean big savings — think upgrading to shatter-proof windows, installing an alarm system, and adding deadbolts to your doors. Check with your insurance provider to see what discounts they offer.  

3. Look into insurance bundles.

Ask your current insurance provider if they offer a discount for buying your auto and home insurance together. If so, see if the quote is lower than what you’re paying now for both policies. Or give Frontwave Insurance Services a call at 844.788.0820 to see if they have a bundle that could help you could save.

4. Shop around.

Insurance rates are always changing, so it’s a good idea to shop around for new policies every six months or so. One call to Frontwave Insurance Services will get you the best quotes and bundle options from more than 40 insurance companies. And if you decide to switch, we'll handle everything and ensure you aren’t paying for two policies at once.

Ready to start saving on your home insurance?

Last year, Frontwave Insurance Services helped save Frontwave Members $553 a year on average. To see how much you could save, get your free quote by calling 844.788.0820.