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5 Ways to Save During Vacation

We all need an escape every now and then. For many of us, the summer season means time to relax and get away for a long-awaited vacation. But it’s not all fun in the sun. Traveling can be expensive and once you get to your destination and into vacation mode, it can be easy to think the sky is the limit with your vacation budget.

If that anything goes vacation mindset doesn’t quite match your vacation budget, here are a few tips to help you enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank.

Set a Budget

Just as you probably set a budget to pay for the obvious vacation expenses like airfare or a hotel, you should also set a budget for spending during your trip. Whether you’re flying solo or going with a large group, having a budget for dining out, entertainment, and even to splurge a little will help keep your vacation spending in check. If you’re bringing kids along with you, consider giving them a daily allowance for their vacation expenses too. Not only will this help you stick to your overall vacation budget, you’ll help teach kids the value of money.

Pack Light

You’ve probably heard over packing is a travel no-no. But did you know packing light can actually save you money during your vacation? And we’re not just talking about those $30 (or more) baggage fees from airlines. Packing light makes it easier to get around. With just a carry-on or a backpack in tow instead of those big suitcases, you may be able to skip the taxi and opt for public transportation. Packing light also helps you save on roads trips. You’ll pay less for gas and if you’re traveling with a large group, it can help you avoid getting larger or even an extra rental car to accommodate big, bulky luggage.

Save on Attractions

Whether you’re planning a vacation to a beach resort, Europe, or a notoriously expensive vacation hotspot like New York or San Francisco, there’s plenty of free options to help you stretch your vacation budget. Look for self-guided walking tours, plan a hike, relax by the pool,  check out free live music or festivals, or just take a stroll around town and get a feel for the local vibe. This will save your budget for those must-see attractions that probably come with a fee. As you budget for entertainment, consider looking at deals through sites like Groupon or CityPass.

Strategize Your Food Spending

Food and beverage costs often aren’t something people think about for when planning for vacation. But those expenses can really add up. If you’re someone who considers sampling the local cuisine an absolute must, you can still find ways to get your fill and make the times you dine out even more memorable. First, pack some snacks like granola, protein bars, nuts and jerky to help you avoid convenience spending when you’re on the go. It’s also a great idea to bring a collapsible water bottle to stay hydrated and avoid overpaying for bottled water. If possible, consider making your own coffee or cooking a few meals in so you don’t have to eat out for every meal.

Cash in on Credit Card Rewards

Credit Cards with rewards can do double duty when it comes to financing your vacation. If you have a card like Frontwave’s Visa® Signature Rewards Credit Card, you can use the points you’ve racked up to help fund your vacation with discounted travel, experiences, and live concerts, or even cash back. Plus, while you’re on vacation, you can use that same card for all your travel expenses to earn more points to use down the road.

The Bottom Line
Whether you’re planning a once in a lifetime luxury vacation or an inexpensive getaway, these tips can help you save big on the little things so you can spend your hard-earned money where you need it most. The key is to plan to save and plan to spend. With a good plan in place, you won’t stress about overspending and can focus in on those memorable experiences you’re getting away to enjoy!