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How comfortable would you be if there was a major drop in the stock market?

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The steady stock market recovery has continued since the financial crisis of 2008, and this past year saw equities set more new records. Many people saw attractive investment gains as a result. But when it comes to the stock market, it’s wise to remember that what goes up can just as easily come down. Does just the thought get your heart racing?

For some, the answer has been to seek shelter from the inevitable market volatility in certificates of deposit (CDs) and money market accounts. Unfortunately, these accounts continue to set records of their own – historically low returns that often don’t keep the beat with inflation.

Do your heart some good.

There are new annuity products that allow you to choose your own comfort zone. You set a limit on downside risk and still participate in the market’s upside potential. And there are other options available that provide the comfort of a guaranteed income for life. These new products could do your financial plans and your heart some good.

For more information about these new retirement planning options, contact Kathy Chesney, the Frontwave Investment Services Representative located at Frontwave Credit Union at 760.439.6960.

There are distinct difference between annuities and certificates of deposit (CDs). Most CDs are considered a short term investment. An annuity is a long term investment. The investment in a CD is insured by the federal government either through FDIC or NCUA. The investment in an annuity is guaranteed by an insurance company. Like CDs, annuities have a penalty for early surrender and withdrawals taken before the age of 59 ½ from an annuity may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty.

All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuer and do not extend to the performance of underlying accounts which can fluctuate with changes in market conditions.
Annuities are offered through Members Life Insurance Company. Representatives are registered, securities are sold and investment advisory services offered through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor, 2000 Heritage Way, Waverly, IA 50677, 866.512.6109. Investment and insurance products are not federally insured, may involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial institution. CBSI is under contract with the financial institution, through the financial services program, to make securities available to members.
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