Selling a Used Vehicle

When shopping with a trade-in, it is important to remember a few key points to ensure you get the best price for your used car or truck.

First, don’t disclose that a trade is pending until the price of the vehicle being purchased has been negotiated. This allows you to get the best offer on both deals.  

Second, go into the negotiation process with an idea of what your used car trade-in is worth. Two of the best sources are Kelley Blue Book® and the NADA Official Used Car Guide. Always evaluate a used car honestly to get a true idea of what it is worth.

Finally, when trying to fetch top dollar for used vehicles, it is a good idea to put the best foot, or in this case “hood,” forward: Clean the automobile thoroughly, evaluate the age and condition of the tires, even consider a tune-up. All of these indicate how well the used automobile was maintained and could be worth the time and money. The used car trade-in price will be comparable to what a car dealer would pay for the used vehicle at a wholesale auction, minus the cost to repair and clean the car. If those tasks have been completed, the value can be greater and the deal closed with minimal effort and risk

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