Claudia Shepherd

Meet Claudia Shepherd

Home Loan Consultant / NMLS #1929047

Claudia Shepherd has a wealth of experience helping people find solutions to their mortgage needs. She understands that the needs of a first-time home buyer are different than the needs of a seasoned investor. She is very informed and loves to share what she knows with our Members.

Whether it’s comparing different loan options and amortization periods, or just helping you prepare for the mortgage application process, Claudia is ready to help you accomplish your home financing needs.

In her spare time, Claudia enjoys real estate investment analysis and shopping for home d├ęcor.

To learn how she can help you with your home loan needs, contact Claudia directly at 760.631.8700 ext. 1041 or [email protected].

Claudia Shepherd, Home Loan Consultant