Lisa Agraz

Meet Lisa Agraz

Home Loan Consultant / NMLS #1947122

Lisa is dedicated, to help individuals and families achieve their dreams of homeownership. Her banking/mortgage background gives the members personalized mortgage solutions tailored to each members unique financial situation and homeownership goals.

"My journey in the banking/mortgage industry began with a passion for finance and a commitment to making a positive impact in people's lives. Throughout my career, I have honed my expertise in banking/mortgage lending practices, staying abreast of industry trends and regulatory changes to ensure that my members receive the most up-to-date guidance and support.

One of my greatest strengths as a mortgage loan officer is my ability to build strong relationships with our members based on trust, transparency, and integrity. I understand that obtaining a mortgage can be a significant decision, and I strive to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible for my members. Whether it's a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, I take the time to listen to their needs, answer their questions, and guide them through every step of the loan process with care and attention to detail.

In addition I am also committed to ongoing professional development and education and I actively seek out opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills to better serve my clients."

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys reading, exercising, going to the beach, traveling to great surf destinations!

To learn how she can help you with your home loan needs, contact Lisa directly at 760.631.8700 ext. 1084 or [email protected].

Lisa Agraz, Home Loan Consultant