Auto Loans

Because you can't surf the 5. 

Whether you're cruising the coast, commuting to work, hauling the kids, or trailing cargo, we know you'll need some wheels to get around. At Frontwave Credit Union, we'll make getting the wheels you want hassle-free. We offer low car loan interest rates, free auto-buying services, and valuable ways to protect your ride. New or used, re-fi or buy, get rolling with a Frontwave Credit Union auto loan today.

Want to learn more about auto lending products at Frontwave Credit Union? Give us a buzz or visit us at one of our convenient branch locations.

Membership and credit qualifications apply.  A valid driver's license and current insurance information are required at time of financing. Standard passenger vehicles only, no commercial vehicles or vehicles for hire will be considered. No Lemon Law buybacks or grey/salvage titles. Vehicles for commercial use or used to transport passengers for compensation, including but not limited to vehicles used as taxicabs or for ride-sharing, are not eligible. Other restrictions apply.
All Auto Loans Include
  • Low interest rates
  • Range of repayment options
  • Easy application process
  • Insurance options